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To Referees:

As you know there's an agreement in place between EDP and the Metro Youth Soccer League in which some crossover games will be played between EDP teams vs Metro teams, with EDP teams carrying US Club passes and MYSL teams carrying NJYS Passes. We are also under agreement to use MYSL Rules when a MYSL team is home team and EDP Rules when the EDP team is the home team.

Metro Delegates,
Please read this new DRAFT of NJYSA guidelines for Heading the ball by U11 age group and younger to ALL your coaches and assistants today April 13, 2016. It was sent from NJYSA President Roy Squillario on April 12, 2016 to all NJ youth league presidents, referee officials and various youth program individuals.

U11 Age Groups and Younger – Deliberately Heading the Ball
Players in U11 and younger age groups my not deliberately head the ball in soccer matches.
  • If a player deliberately heads the ball and the ball remains in play, the referee will immediately stop play and restart with an indirect free kick as per Law 13.
  • If a player deliberately heads the ball and the ball immediately goes out of play, the referee will restart in accordance as to how the ball went out of play (throw-in, goal kick, corner kick)
  • If a player is inadvertently struck in the head with the ball, there is no rule infraction. However, if the referee deems the player to be injured the referee will immediately stop play, have the player removed and restart with a drop ball.
In all cases the referee will assess the player to determine if the player is injured.

  • A goal may not be scored against an opponent by deliberately heading the ball.
  • Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity does NOT apply to heading the ball as this action is NOT a foul.
  • Referees will enforce these rules for the U11 age groups and younger. It is the responsibility of the team's coach/manager to ensure any player aged 10 or younger who may be "playing up" will not head the ball during the game.

Attention all MYSL Delegates and anyone interested in becoming a referee

As you know we need referees! To learn how to become a referee and to register for referee courses, go on the website, then follow the page until you find the link to register for the Grade 8 Entry Level Class.

Carmelo Giuliano
Metro YSL referee assignor

Per the NJ State Youth Soccer meeting on Friday, August 20, 2011 the board voted on a concussion policy in that ALL coaches must complete an online concussion training course by October 15th, 2011. An accepted concussion course is available on, it's listed right on the home page and it's completely free. In order to take the course a coach has to register with the site and it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. After a coach has successfully completed the course they will be able to print out a certificate and by October 15th all MYSL coaches must have this certificate on hand when coaching any MYSL game! A state official or league official may ask a coach to provide the Concussion Certificate on the spot and if they cannot provide it they will be asked leave the coaching area. If you have any further questions please call or e-mail us.

Coaching Courses...

Any coaches wishing to upgrade their coaching license can do so by registering for courses available on under the EDUCATION tab. All information is there.

In order to standardize the small sided fields in the league for ages U7-U10, please follow these guidelines:

Small Sided field dimensions: Max 50 yards x 80 yards, Min 40 yards x 70 yards
Penalty Area: 12 yards from post
Small box (Goal area): 4 yards from post
Penalty kick spot: 8 yards from Goal
Circle: 20 feet in diameter
Offside called for U10 only
Goal Size: 7 feet x 21 feet

Online Referee Evaluation Forms are available to delegates and coaches from the main site. Under League Info, click on "Referee Evaluation Report" in the drop-down menu or simply click on this link.
Don't have any roster forms left? No problem! Under the Schedules drop-down, click on "Roster Forms" and download our latest form in PDF format.

In response to the recent NJYSA decision to implement NEW GUIDELINES for HEADING the ball, U11 and Under CANNOT head the ball as of this weekend April 9-10, 2016. Any delegates not receiving the minutes from last night's emergency meeting may download them from this link.

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